Almost Ready!


Just finishing the last few details on our new pattern Beacon, available tomorrow! We’ve done it in two different yarns; one in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which I’ve unbelievably, never knit with before, and one of my favourite standby’s, Paton’s Classic Wool.

Berroco Ultra Alpaca, where have you been all my knitting life? This stuff is glorious! It is so soft, and so warm, and the colours are gorgeous. And while some hats, while looking beautiful, can be superitchy and uncomfortable, this has a scratch factor of zero. I think this is definitely my new go-to hat yarn.

And speaking of favourite go-to’s, I love Paton’s Classic Wool!  Yarn stores are few and far between around here, so most of ours is ordered online. I’m not a big fan of acrylics, but I love that I can always head to my local craft store and find this if I’m in a pinch. Especially in Dark Grey Mix. I’ve got many a sweater made out of this stuff!

Of course, Beacon will look great in whatever your favourite worsted weight yarn is too.

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