So Much Christmas Knitting To Do, So Little Time…

Beacon Hat

I always have grandiose ideas about making everyone the sweaters that they’d like for Christmas, but it never happens – to much to do, and I only seem to get inspired at the end of November when there’s nowhere near enough time left. My solution this year is hats! I can knit those quickly. This one is made out of one of my very favourite yarns – Briggs and Little Heritage in Gold. It will go to my daughter, she looks amazing in this colour!

On the plus side of things, I have turned my frogged project into an adorable, wearable, quick knit sweater! I love that I was able to turned an awful project into something that I love and can wear. I need to do this with more of those not so successful projects – just because I spent hours knitting it doesn’t mean I have to keep it!

I’ll write it up as a pattern just as soon as I get my Christmas knitting done. Hopefully it won’t be March!

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