Quick Project Finished! New Beacon Hat!

45732306_265001904202213_8522021203316047872_nA day later, many cups of tea, bowls of Cheetos and M&M’s later, I’ve got a new Beacon hat! I love quick gratification projects. So now that I feel like I’ve accomplished something I guess it’s time to get back to work on all the big projects.

I’m still waiting for my lovely test knitters to finish a sweater I’ve designed, and I’m working on a new cardigan right now. I had a big list of Christmas knitting projects but if I’m being at all realistic, I might have to abandon some of those.

I’m swamped, but I love this time of year, it’s sweater weather!

Let it snow!

Quick Projects

45463025_258243924881976_5449926496300826624_nI’ve got so many big projects on the go right now – knitting sweaters for Christmas gifts, working on new designs, and then there’s just all the other stuff, you know, life in general. With all that going on, sometimes it’s nice to knit something small and quick, something that gives you a nice, big payoff for a small amount of work. Hats are perfect for that. I’ve got a lone skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Cardinal that’s crying out to become a beautiful, cabled toque.

It’s November and I think the snow is here to stay. Today I’ll grab a warm blanket, a cup of tea and get to work.