Not Every Project is A Winner…It’s Ok to Frog

46151943_640656806336590_4030061169245945856_nI’ve always been very ‘attached’ to my knits, even if they don’t quite work out as planned. We’ve all had them, those projects you saw on Ravelry, or Instagram, had to do and then when finished…um…not so much.

But I’ve never really frogged them. I’ve always felt that I put so much hard work into them, so I’ll just hang on to it. I know, this makes zero sense. So lately I’m trying to turn those projects into something wearable.

Here’s a failed project in Briggs & Little Super that I made at least 5 years ago. Once I got the body seamed I didn’t even bother to attach the sleeves – yes, it was that bad! Unflattering doesn’t even begin to describe it. The cardigan managed to make my 110 lb frame look massive, who wants that?

Since then I’ve pretty much avoided all very bulky knits, but after finding this sad misfire in a bag at the back of a closet yesterday, I’m ready to try again.

And I love this yarn! So soft, beautiful stitch definition, and it’s Canadian. Win, win, win!

Since I don’t have very much of it, I’m aiming for something with simple lines, not too bulky, but most importantly – wearability!

Here’s hoping I made the right decision. This yarn was almost a pillow.